SE City Council OKs 2018 budget

SLEEPY EYE — The Sleepy Eye City Council unanimously approved a 2.6 percent 2018 tax levy increase, Dec. 12.

The $31,600 budget increase boosts the budget to $4,890,985. The 2018 budget includes $191,500 for event center general development and $550,000 to move the police station to the city building. Recreation and parks funds rose from $482,875 this year to $502,125 in 2018.

The city council unanimously approved:

• A resolution for relief on DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) software changes and MNLARS challenges with filing fees that could be lobbied for in the upcoming legislative session.

It bolsters the deputy registrar argument that state lawmakers must take action in 2018 on fiscal remedies for offices due to MNLARS. It states reduced business income from officers from fewer transactions, longer processing times, and more “no-fee” services. It allows for filing fee increases by reallocating existing “state fees” back to offices.

In addition, it would have a neutral effect on citizens, reducing the portion they pay directly to DVS operations and increasing filing fees proportionately.

• Braun & Borth Sanitation Inc. to become River View Sanitation. Current single one can rates will rise from $11.46 to $11.91 a month. Family two can rates will climb from $16.71 a month to $17.36 a month. Both services will rise 3.9 percent as of Jan. 1 due to landfill tipping fee increases. Owner Brent Kucera said residents will receive new, larger, blue 65-gallon containers on wheels.

• Annual financial transfers including from general to EDA and from street to debt service to balance cash, $245,000 from sewer to general and $500,000 from Sleepy Eye Hospital to the Event Center.

A letter from Sleepy Eye Medical Center Administrator Kevin Sellheim and board chairman Gordon Osmondson to the Sleepy Eye City Council asked that medical center funding to the event center be capped at $500,000 to help the hospital purchase new 3M mammography equipment next year.

The letter stated that the project will allow the medical center to provide state-of-the-art technology to patients and reduce the need to send them to other medical centers.

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