Swanson serves last day with New Ulm Public Utilities

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt William Swanson served his last day with the New Ulm Public Utilities on Friday before heading to Rochester Public Utilities. Swanson was honored with a reception at the Utilities conference room on Friday.

NEW ULM — For seven years, William Swanson has served the City of New Ulm as the Energy Service Representative at New Ulm Public Utilities, but Friday was his last day.

A farewell event was held in at the PUC Conference Room as staff and friends wished Swanson good luck. Swanson has accepted a position as the Energy and Environmental Advisor for the Rochester Public Utilities.

Swanson is originally from Mankato and took a position with the PUC in 2010. Asked what drew him to a career in energy production he said it was luck. “I applied for a lot of positions but after I got here I found I did like working in the field of energy.”

Swanson has served on the Energy Awareness Board and the Tree Advisory Commission.

Looking back on his time in New Ulm, Swanson said he will remember the public utilities events the best, such as the new water tower open house or last year’s meter reader event.

As the Energy Service Representative Swanson frequently took questions from the public. On one occasion a rabbi came into the PUC to inquire if the steam power provided to Firmenich was considered “kosher.” Swanson was uncertain of the answer, but after a tour of the PUC’s steam facilities the Rabbi was satisfied that the operation fit Hebrew dietary laws.

Swanson also enjoyed judging the local Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship Award.

Swanson was grateful for his time in New Ulm. Working for a utilities department with electric, gas, steam and waste water systems will serve him well as he moves on to a career in Rochester.

“What I will miss the most about New Ulm is the people of New Ulm and the staff at the PUC,” Swanson said.


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