Schools celebrate successful first week

NEW ULM – District 88 schools completed the first week of the 2016-17 school year Friday, and the high school celebrated with a pep fest.

“It has actually been a pretty awesome week,” Principal Mark Bergmann said. “The excitement with the kids, the newness of the school, all I have heard is positive comments from the students.”

One tangible sign of that excitement is the fact that more juniors and seniors, who have open lunch privileges, have been staying in the cafeteria for lunch instead, according to Bergmann.

There is still construction going on at the high school. The workers have been working around the school schedule.

The auditorium is not finished, but should be before the first school performance. The football field needs more work on turf and lights, but Bergmann hopes for it to be done for the homecoming game.

The school intends to unveil a couple of perks next week for students. The first is opening the gym during lunch for free play.

The second is an open half-hour of resource time for sophomores where they can talk with any teachers or find any resources they need for their classes.

“As long as they maintain that sense of maturity we as a school can provide more opportunities for them,” Bergmann said.

Other schools in the district report similar weeks. Dawn Brown, principal of the Washington Learning Center, says that the only hiccup is some high traffic areas that will be rerouted.

Jefferson Elementary Principal Adam Kluver said, “It has been a great first week.”

He explained that students and parents were excited about the new parts of the building and that the only kinks that need straightening out are the same as any year.

“It has been a good week, it really has,” Bergmann said. “It has been exciting and a good week and having a pep fest on the end of the first week – our student council did a great job with that.”