Public notices


(April 24, May 1,







NEW ULM, MN 56073

Call for Bids for New

Ulm Middle School,

Dishroom Remodeling

Bids close at 1:00PM.

(local time) on Tues-

day May 15, 2018

New Ulm Public

Schools will be taking

sealed bids for work re-

lated to Dishroom Re-

modeling for New Ulm

Middle School District

Offices located at 414

South Payne Street,

New Ulm, MN Bid

Time Shall be: 1:00

PM Tuesday May 15,

2018. In accordance

with the specifications

set forth herein and the

“other” terms, condi-

tions and instructions

to the specifications.

All bids received

after the time stated

will not be con-

sidered. The bidder

assumes the risk of

any delay in the mail or

on the handling of mail

by employees of the

school district. Whether

the bid is sent by mail

or by means of person-

al delivery, the bidder

assumes responsibility

for having their bid

clocked in on time at

the place specified.

Fax or telephone

amendments will not

be accepted at any

time. Bidders shall

submit bids in dupli-

cate on the forms pro-

vided in the Project

Manual. No oral, fac-

simile or telephone

bids or modifications of

bids will be accepted.

All sealed bids are to

be labeled with the pro-

ject name “Middle

School Dishroom


Separate bids will be

accepted for each part

of the project Food-

service, Plumbing,

Mechanical and Electr-


The Project consists of

the minor demolition,

minor remodeling and

replacement of ware

washing equipment

and services related to

the dishroom up-


Bid Documents are

available through Cu-

linex c/o Dennis Hahn,

311 4th Ave South,

Sartell, MN 56377


Phone: 320-259-6557.

Documents will be

available Tuesday April

24, 2018. All docu-

ments shall be sent via

E-mail and be elec-

tronic in PDF format.

Each bidder shall sub-

mit with the bid, a

cashier’s check or bid

bond, made payable to

New Ulm Public

Schools, in the amount

of five percent (5%) of

the maximum amount

of its bid.

All vendors entering

into a contract with the

District for $10,000 or

more are to provide a

Labor and Material

Payment and Perfor-

mance Bonds for

100% of the contract.

Bonds must be fur-

nished within 10 days

of notice of award of

the Contract. Contract

is subject to compli-

ance with the applica-

ble Schedule of Pre-

vailing Wage issued by

the Minnesota Depart-

ment of Labor & Indus-


There will be a pre-bid

meeting and walk

through on Tuesday

May 1, 2018 at 1:00

PM at the Middle

School 414 South

Payne Street, New

Ulm, MN 56073. As-

sembly at the District

Office, all must sign in

prior to entering the


The School Board

reserves the right to

accept any bid, to re-

ject any or all bids, to

waive irregularities and

informalities in the bid-

ding procedures, and

to act in its best in-


New Ulm Public



(May 1, 8, 2018)

Notice of Public


Notice Is Hereby

Given, that the City

Council of the City of

New Ulm, Brown

County, Minnesota will

meet in the Council

Chambers in the New

Ulm City Hall on Tues-

day, May 15, 2018 at

4:30 p.m. to consider

ordering the following

improvements to be

made, to-wit:

2018 Surface



Surface Reconstruction

1. 2nd South Street

from Washington

Street to Payne Street

(3 blocks)

2. 3rd South Street

from State Street to

Jefferson Street

(3 blocks)

3. 6th South Street

from Broadway to

Washington Street

(2 blocks)

4. 11th South Street

from Broadway to

Franklin Street

(3 blocks)

5. 17th North Street

from Washington

Street to Franklin


(1 block)

Total 12 blocks

pursuant to Minnesota

Statutes, Chapter 429.

The estimated cost of

the 2018 Surface

Reconstruction Project

is $429,748. The area

proposed to be as-

sessed for such im-

provements is each lot,

piece and parcel of

property specially

benefited by said im-

provements. A rea-

sonable estimate of the

impact of the assess-

ment will be available

at the hearing. Such

persons as desired to

be heard with refer-

ence to the proposed

improvements will be

heard at this meeting.



Nicole L. Jorgensen

Finance Director

Dated at New Ulm,


this 17th day of April


Questions regarding

the proposed project

should be directed to

the City Engineer’s Of-

fice at (507) 359-8380.


(May 1, 2018)

School Board


Independent School

District No. 88

New Ulm, Minnesota

The school board of In-

dependent School Dis-

trict 88 met in regular

session on March 29,

2018 in the District

Boardroom. Members

present: Gag,

Ringhofer, Schiro,

Sunderman, Waloch,

Winter, Dewanz. Meet-

ing called to order by

Chair Winter.

1. Dewanz/Waloch ap-

proval of agenda with

supplement/addendum. (7-0)

2. Gag/ Dewanz appro-

val of minutes. (7-0)

3. Waloch/Sunderman

approval of consent

agenda. (7-0)

4. Reports: Superinten-

dent, District Data Re-

view, River Bend, Ac-

tivities, Staff Develop-

ment, DCAC, Com-

munity Education, Fa-

cility, Finance, Policy,

District Technology

and Announcements.

5. Schiro/Waloch ap-

proval of bills for audit,

acceptance of budget

report. (7-0)

6. Acceptance of

February 2018 Cash

Balance Report.

7. Dewanz/Sunderman

authorization for Court-

ney Lang to make

electronic fund

transfers. (7-0)

8. Sunderman/Schiro

approval of revised

FY18 Budgets. (7-0)

9. Waloch/Dewanz ap-

proval of Region V

Computer Services’

Agreement. (7-0)

10. Dewanz/Ringhofer,

adoption of 2018-19

School Calendar. (7-0)

11. Ringhofer/Waloch

approval of summer




12. Waloch/Dewanz

approval of bid for

Jefferson Roof Project

and rejection of Middle

School Roof Project

bid. (6-0, Gag


13. Ringhofer/Dewanz

acceptance of dona-

tions. (7-0)

14. Policies: Reviewed,

no recommended

changes #102, #209,

#518, #602, #703; first

reading: #203, #404,


15. Sunderman/Schiro

approval of revised pol-

icy #401. (7-0)

16. Dewanz/Waloch

adjournment at 7:19

p.m. (7-0)

Complete minutes and

documents are avail-

able for review in the

superintendent’s office,

District Offices, 414 S

Payne Street, New

Ulm, Minnesota. A di-

gital recording of board

proceedings is avail-

able by contacting the

superintendent’s office.

Independent School

District #88

New Ulm, Minnesota

By: Steve Gag, Clerk