Public notices


(December 8, 2017)

Public Hearing


Hearing On the Final

Plat of Dreckman 2nd


Notice is hereby given

pursuant to Section

10.09, Subdivision 2 E

of the City Code of the

City of New Ulm, that a

public hearing will be

held by the City Coun-

cil of the City of New

Ulm at the Council

Chambers in City Hall,

100 North Broadway,

in said City at 4:30

p.m. on Tuesday, De-

cember 19, 2017, on a

proposed final plat.

The property proposed

to be platted is located

in the City of New Ulm,

Brown County, Min-

nesota and is

described as Dreck-

man 2nd Addition. The

property has street ad-

dresses of 2122-2136

North Highland Ave-


At such public hearing,

all persons interested

in the plat shall be

heard and the City

Council may thereafter

approve or disapprove

the plat.

Dated: December 1,


City of New Ulm, Min-


/s/Roger H. Hippert

City Attorney


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