Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• Thomas J. Perez, 34, 412 Maple St. S.W., Sleepy Eye, was charged with gross misdemeanor 3rd-degree refusal to submit to chemical test, misdemeanor 4th-degree DWI, misdemeanor obstruction of legal process or arrest and disorderly conduct June 4.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police was transferred a phone call from woman who said she was concerned about a fellow employee at Prairie Senior Cottages, 1304 Birchwood Dr., New Ulm. The caller said a female employee, did not arrive on time for work but a vehicle her fiance drives was parked in the parking lot and her purse was inside.

The caller identified the driver as Perez and that security video showed her arrive and park in the parking lot with Perez close behind. Police were advised another employee heard arguing coming from a vehicle parked on Birchwood Drive.

More police responded and identified he person sitting in the driver’s seat as Perez. Police detected an alcoholic odor coming from Perez. He admitted drinking and failed a preliminary breath test. Police talked with the woman who was crying. She said he followed her to work, made her get into the vehicle he was driving and they got into an argument.

Perez was arrested but refused to enter the squad car after initially doing so. He was told he would be tazed if he didn’t enter the squad car but he still refused. He was tazed and entered the squad car. He refused to submit to a chemical test after not providing a sufficient breath sample after agreeing to do so.