Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

• John C. Helget, 26, 18286 1st Ave., Searles, was charged with two counts of gross misdemeanor third-degree DWI and reckless driving Jan. 3.

According to court documents, a Brown County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on routine patrol eastbound on CSAH 25 between State Highway 15 and CSAH 13 on Dec. 17 when he noticed a vehicle passing another in his rear view mirror. The deputy activated radar that showed one vehicle was traveling at 78 mph and the other at 83 mph and getting closer to him.

The deputy activated his emergency lights and the lead vehicle pulled over and stopped. The second vehicle pulled over behind the first one. Another deputy arrived and detected an alcoholic beverage coming from a vehicle. Helget admitted to having five drinks and said he had two firearms in the vehicle that were unloaded and cased.

The deputy noticed intoxication signs and conducted a Preliminary Breath Test that read .175 blood alcohol content. Helget was arrested and transported to the Brown County Jail where a Datamaster breath test showed .18.

• John M. Stadick, 27, 418 Valley View Dr., Courtland, was charged with gross misdemeanor third-degree DWI and reckless driving Jan. 3. Stadick was driving the other car near Helget when he stopped and admitted drinking to a Brown County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

He failed field sobriety tests. A Preliminary Breath Test showed a .122 blood alcohol content. Stadick was arrested for drunk driving and transported to jail where a blood sample was taken. He was convicted of DWI 0.08 within two hours on Dec. 17, 2008 in Kandiyohi County Court, a qualified, prior impaired driving incident within 10 years.