Court Proceedings

Brown County District Court

• Breanna L. Wear, 27, 101 Summit Ave. Hanska, was charged with two counts of second-degree DWI Friday. According to court documents, the Brown County Sheriff was patrolling Hanska at 7:37 a.m. Aug. 17 when a call was taken from a citizen about a woman at the convenience store that appeared to be under the influence.

The sheriff noticed a vehicle stuck in mud in a road construction area. A woman in the vehicle was identified as Wear. She showed signs of intoxication and agreed to provide a preliminary breath test that resulted in a .179 alcohol concentration. She was arrested and transported to the Brown County Jail. Results of a Data Master DMT test showed a .13 alcohol concentration. Wear has two qualified prior impaired driving incidents.

• Michael E. Blomquist, 47, 227 1/2 N. Minnesota St., New Ulm, was charged with felony harassment; restraining order violation within 10 years of first of two previous domestic violence convictions Aug. 11.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were on foot patrol at the Brown County Fair at 8 p.m., Aug. 10 when Blomquist approached them and asked to talk about the custody of his child. At 8:12 p.m., Brown County Dispatch reported a possible fight at the north end of the fair. Blomquist approached police and appeared to be upset, pointing to his ex-girlfriend.

Police asked an alleged victim and witness what happened and were told Blomquist ran to them and tried to grab a child from a witness who was holding the child. A victim said she has an active Order for Protection against Blomquist. Police confirmed the order was active and valid for a year. Blomquist has two or more prior qualified domestic-violence related offenses with convictions within the last 10 years.

• Jeffrey D. Bray, 35, 807 Washington St. S., New Ulm, was charged with felony harassment-restraining order violation within 10 years of the first of two previous domestic violence convictions Aug. 15.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police talked with an alleged victim at the Law Enforcement Center who said she had a child in common with Bray. The victim said a witness, her mother, got an abusive text message on July 12 that the alleged victim believes an Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) was violated. Police photographed the message from the witness’s phone. The HRO order was verified.

• Daniel M. Robb, 56, 105 Timberwolf Dr., Mankato, was charged with gross misdemeanor emergency phone calls/communications interruption and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault Aug. 15.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were dispatched to a disturbance at Hermel-New Ulm Wholesale on July 25. Police saw a group of people near a semi tractor trailer backed up to a frozen food building on Valley St. An employee at the business told police there was an altercation between Robb and his employees and he was called to the scene.

A witness said Robb accused the alleged victim of improperly wrapping a pallet of boxes, causing them to shift while in transit. The witness said Robb put his hand on the alleged victim’s throat and pushed him into a stack of pallets, causing his head to hit the pallets. The alleged victim described “seeing black” after the impact and had sore spots on his head above and behind his right ear. The witness said he tried to call 911 and Robb would not allow him to use his phone to call for help.


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