Off the Shelf: Lego your Legos!

The library looks and sounds a bit different than it did when you were a child. The Children’s Room has building blocks and puzzles, I-Pads, DVD’s and scavenger hunts. Plus, it is not always quiet! The kids are busy and sometimes you hear them reading aloud, singing or creating their own stories using the flannelboard.

One of the most popular activities is the Lego table! We would like to expand our Lego supply so more kids can enjoy them and build at the same time. Several patrons have requested that we start a Lego Building Club. Many libraries have started similar groups.

“Playing” with Legos involves fine motor skills, planning, problem solving, science, math, technology and engineering. It fosters creativity, imagination and provides an opportunity for cooperative play and sharing. It is an ageless activity as well! Duplos and Legos provide hours of fun for toddlers, teens and adults!

Lego play also serves as a great alternative to video games and television. Many families are focused on limiting screen time. (The American Academy of Pediatrics published screen time recommendations for children in 2016. It is suggested that children under 18 months have no screen time. Children from 2 – 5 years old should be limited to 1 hour per day. School age children should fill their time with school, homework, at least 1 hour of physical activity, social contact and 8-12 hours of sleep. If there is time left over, screen time can happen.) Legos are a terrific alternative to “building a world” online!

We are asking for donations! Please check your closets and shelves for Legos. It doesn’t matter how old they are. Legos are durable and timeless. We welcome Duplos as well as regular Legos. (Please no off-brands.) The sets do not need to be complete. We plan to combine everything we get and make them available for the “Lego Club.”

The Library aims to have something for everyone! You will find books on every topic, movies to inform and entertain computer access and a variety of programs. We try to respond to the requests and ideas of patrons. And so, we ask you to “Lego your Legos”! Please donate them to the Library and join us in building community!