Family Living Focus: Reaching your fitness goals

You’ll begin to see results in just a few weeks after you start regular physical activity. You may feel stronger and more energetic. You may notice that you can do things faster, longer, and more easily. As you increase your fitness level, you also might find that you need to make your activities more challenging to see additional results.

Jumpstart your success:

* Add new physical activities to your exercise routine.

* Spend more time being active.

* Add distance to your normal routine.

* Increase the intensity of your activity.

* Revisit your goals to make sure they are specific and realistic.

You can tell that you’re getting more fit if:

* You have more energy.

* Your overall mood and outlook on life have improved.

* It’s easier to do your usual daily activities.

* Climbing a couple of flights of stairs is easier.

* It’s easier to get in and out of your car.

* You can get down on the floor and play a game with your grandchildren and get back up again more easily when the game is over.

* You’re sleeping better at night.

* You have less pain when you move around.

* You notice improvement in the symptoms of an ongoing health condition.

Quick Tip:

Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, and important to you!


Information adapted from Go4Life Everyday Fitness Ideas article from the National Institute on Aging at National Institute on Health (NIH)

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